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1976 Wylie Legacy

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San Francisco Treasure Island, California
1976 30' 11" Wylie Legacy $20,000

Beam 9' 3" Draft 6' 3" Engine(s) 1x Inboard Volvo Penta @ 20 HPower
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Racer with extensive sail collection Mylar on encore carbon fiber on legacy.

Legacy and Encore are both for sale .

CONDITION AND VALUATION SURVEY FOR THE VESSEL: WYILE DESIGN 1976 31' RACING SAILBOAT - 'LEGACY I' View of vessel side tie in berth at Treasure Island Alamar Marina.

DESCRIPTION OF VESSEL The 'Gemini Twins' Legacy I & Legacy II were built in 1976; a cold molded design by the Wylie Design Group.

Built to be twin racing boats with an economical plan and craftsman appeal.

These sailing boats are equipped with a 50' mast and 497 square feet of sail area.

This is an auxiliary sloop racing boat with an aft cockpit and flush deck.

From the companionway, step down to access open hull layout.

The engine is center within wooden insulation box aft is rudder bearing post access.

VESSEL: 'LEGACY I' 1976 WYLIE DESIGN GROUP 31' / FILE NUMBER: 9222020142 - S BLUEWATER MARINE SURVEY Terry Tupper - ACMS; ABYC Certified - Corrosion; USCG Master.

Bluewater Marine Survey INTRODUCTION SCOPE OF SURVEY This survey was conducted at the request of Sterling Albert on September 22nd, 2020. 'In-water' conducted at Treasure Island Marina, where the vessel was afloat at her slip.

The 'Out of Water' survey was conducted October 29th at Grand Marina Boat Yard in Alameda, CA.

Ships papers were on board and in order.

The survey was performed in accordance with the terms and conditions of a verbal contract between the surveyor and the requesting party.

Therefore, it is the intent of this document to set forth in writing the scope and limitations of the service provided.

If upon receipt of this document, you as the requesting party disagree with any of the following conditions, please contact the undersigned surveyor immediately.

Any use of this report means it is accepted as is, and constitutes an acceptance of the following terms and conditions: Inspections are made using non-destructive techniques; primarily visual inspection and sounding of areas in an attempt to determine their condition.

Unless otherwise specifically stated in this report, services for the per foot price of a standard survey DO NOT include the testing of tanks, machinery, electrical systems/circuits or electronics, the removal of paneling, ceilings, machinery, cargo, gear or other personal effects in order to access otherwise concealed areas.

No destructive testing has been done, no borings or ultrasonic testing of material thickness performed.

Such services are available at additional cost when authorized by written contract.

When applicable, if no mention is made of wood deterioration in the findings of this report, this is not to be construed as a warranty that none exists.

No survey can establish that a vessel is completely free of wood deteriorating organisms, especially in the light of the many concealed and inaccessible areas encountered on each and every vessel.

Therefore, given the rapid growth rate of such organisms, this surveyor will not accept liability for any such condition discovered later which could not be detected during the course of a normal survey as outlined above and performed under the conditions encountered on the survey date.

This was an 'Out of Water' insurance survey.

Engine was started to move vessel from slip to haul-out 1 hour away - ran well for entirety.

AC shore power is not used.

D.C power was available; some electronic equipment was tested.

A sea trial was not performed.

INTRODUCTION Note: It is recommended and understood that all engines be surveyed by a qualified engine surveyor to determine the condition of the engines, gears and pumps, heat exchangers, coolers, etc.

The mandatory standards promulgated by the United States Coast Guard, under the authority of title 46 United States Code title 33 and 46, Code of Federal Regulation, and the voluntary standards and recommended practices developed by the ABYC and NFPA have been used as guidelines in the conduct of this survey.

DEFINITION OF TERMS Excellent New or like new.

Good Nearly new, with minor cosmetic or structural discrepancies.

Fair System, component or item, is functional as is with minor repairs.

Poor Unusable as is and will require repairs or replacement of system.

Use of an asterisk (*) in the report indicates that a finding will be listed in the 'Findings and Recommendations' section pertaining to the item it is next to.

USCG United States Coast Guard.

USC United States Code CFR Code of Federal Regulation.

ABYC American Boat and Yacht Council NFPA National Fire Protection Association FRP Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic DC Direct current (12 volt system) AC Alternating Current (Shore or generator power).

Powers Power was applied only.

This does not refer to the operation of any system or component up unless specifically indicated.

Appears Indicates that a very close inspection of the particular system, component or item was not possible due to constraints imposed on the surveyor (e.g. no power available, inability to remove panels, or requirements not to conduct destructive tests.

GENERAL INFORMATION SURVEY DETAILS Purpose of Survey: Party Requesting Survey: Sterling Albert Insurance condition and (owner). value.

Date: September 22nd, 2020.

Location: Treasure Island Parties Present at Survey: Terry Tupper (100T Alamar Marina - 1 Clipper Captain | ACMS) & Leilani Tupper (ACMS).

Cove Way, San Francisco, CA 94130.

BASIC VESSEL INFORMATION Name: 'Legacy I' Official Number: CF 3686 GR (Documentation Number).

Hull Identification Number: HIN Year/Make/Model: 1976 31' Wylie CFZQ356138 Design Group Racing Sailboat.

Hull Type & Material: Displacement, Builder/Designer: Thomas Wylie cold molded wood planking.

Design Group.

L.O.A: 31' Hailing Port: SF Bay, Beam: 9' 3” Propulsion System & Fuel Type: Inboard diesel and sail.

Draft: 6' 2” (fin keel) Intended Use: Recreation.

Weight: 5,064 lbs.

Intended Cruising Area: SF Bay.

Vessel dimensions and weight were obtained from 2009 Edition of BUC Book.

All other data was obtained from onboard ship's papers.

View of vessel at survey site, at berth Treasure Island Marina.

SYSTEMS HULL, DECK AND SUPERSTRUCTURE HULL CONSTRUCTION Type & Material: Displacement; five Exterior Color & Condition: Top sides diagonal layers of 1/8th inch western in good condition.

Laminated cedar red cedar laminated with WEST and white. 'Out of Water' survey Systems epoxy.

Cold molded build with showed bottom in good condition, no one layer of four ounce glass cloth. blisters sighted.

Percussion soundings within normal range.

Owner to renew bottom paint at next haul.

Frames & Planking: Laminated cedar; Keel: Keel constructed of Mahogany - Alaskan Spruce laminated in varying *Catalina smile sighted along keel - lengths. owner to address at next haul.

Bulkheads: Marine plywood - good Stem & Transom: Good condition. condition.

Bilges: Diaper with oil under engine - B Port Lights/Port Holes: None. recs.

DECK CONSTRUCTION Material & Surface: Hull to Deck Joint: Internal overlapping; in good Western cedar and condition. marine (Gaboon) Hatches: Only companionway way hatch center. plywood; grey sand Layout: Flush deck with aft cockpit. non-skid overlay.

SUPERSTRUCTURE CONSTRUCTION & LAY OUT - Single aluminum 50' mast atop flush deck.

SPARS AND RIGGING Mast & Spars: Single spreader with Winches: Good condition, no corrosion jumper, ovoid, aluminum, white- sighted; Barient self-tailing. painted mast.

Chocks: Good condition.

Boom: Aluminum, ovoid; good.

Gooseneck good.

Mast Step/Partners/Chain Plates: Running Rigging: Good condition.

Good condition.

Sail Inventory: Five sail bags counted - Standing Rigging: Good condition.

Mylar - not inspected.

Remarks: Rigging was reviewed at deck level only and this does not represent a complete rigging survey which should be done by a professional rigger and include inspection of ALL fittings, hardware and structures aloft.


Natural Ventilation: No.

Insulation: Plywood box cover.

Power Blowers: Not required - diesel.

MAIN ENGINES Number, Type, & Fuel: One, inboard Manufacturer: Yanmar 9.4KW (sail drive), diesel.

Flame Arrestor: Not required.

Engine Mounts & Beds: Teak timbers Exhaust System: Single riser to short (3.5” X 2.5”) thru -bolted steel bracket flexible hose to mixer silencer, short to adjustable rubberized bolted flexible hose, and exit starboard stern mounts. large Marelon ball valve.

Belts & Pulleys: Good; good.

Number of Cylinders: 2.

Serial Number: Number sighted - Other: Forward engine bay bulkhead #2YM15 / #F01648. with crack - B rec.

COOLING SYSTEM Type: Heat exchanger.

Seacocks: 1” bronze ball valve just aft, starboard of engine with in line sea strainer - *hose is cracked - B rec.

Hoses & Clamps: *Crack; clamps good.

TRANSMISSION SYSTEMS Shaft Material & Size: 1” stainless steel.

Stuffing Box/Packing Gland: Dripless with auxiliary water feed.

Coupler: *Corrosion on coupler - B rec.

PROPELLOR: Two blade bronze prop 14D RH, markings sighted.

Good condition.

New shaft anode put on at time of survey.

Various engine photos & recommendation photos.

STEERING SYSYTEM Type: Tiller direct to rudder; through FRP pipe.

Number of Stations: Single cockpit.

Upper Rudder Bearing Support: Good glass mold.

PROPELLERS: In Water Survey - not sighted.


Capacity: 20 gallons reported.

Tank Material: Aluminum.

Number of Tanks: One.

Accessibility: Port side of engine.

Manufacturer's Label: Not sighted.

FUEL PIPES AND HOSES Fill Location: Atop tank.

Fill Pipe Fittings: Good.

Fuel Filter: Racor fuel water separator.

Fuel Lines & Fittings: *Fuel petcock shut off valve with duct tape on clamp; diesel is getting into fuel gauges atop tank, this will cause plastic to deteriorate and contaminate tank, address - B rec. # BELOW THE WATERLINE THRU HULLS FUNCTION / LOCATION / NOTES 1 1” bronze ball valve just aft, starboard of engine with in line sea strainer - *hose is cracked - B rec.

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM D.C SYSTEM Batteries: One, West Marine 615 MCA Condition: Good. engine starter battery.

Stowage Method: Plastic box bolted Fastenings/Ventilation: Secure. down. *Floating wires at panel, insulate properly and secure - B rec.

MAIN BATTERY SWITCHES PANEL Type: Safety Main Switch at engine box, Fuse or Breaker: 5 fuses at main starboard. panel.

CHARGING SYSTEM Small portable solar panel charger hooked up to battery.


SYSTEM SHORE POWER - NONE SAFETY AND FEDERALLY REQUIRED EQUIPMENT COAST GUARD REQUIRED Personal Floatation Devices/Life Throwable Devices: Seat cushion Jackets: 5 adult two type II. sighted.

Fire Extinguishers: Kidde size I cockpit.

Visual Distress Signals: Not required.

Sound Devices: Horn.

Navigation & Anchor Lights: Yes. 'No Oil Discharge' Placard: Yes. 'Trash Disposal' Placard: Yes.

Navigation Rules: Not required.

Waste Management Plan: Not required.


EPIRB: None.

Bilge Water Alarm: None.

Smoke Detector & Fire Alarm: Not required - no stove.

Fixed Fire System: *None - B rec.

Fume Sniffer Alarm Systems (CO,LPG): *None - B rec.

BILGE PUMPS - Whale Gusher pump and 12V pump.

View of Cedar planking coloration vessel hull & CF numbers.


LEGAL REQUIREMENTS These are required by USCG or USC CFRs and should be addressed before the vessel is next underway.

Refer to “Federal Requirements and Safety Tips for Recreational Boats.” USCG requires: 1.

One wearable type I, II, or III life preserver for each person, or each berth, aboard. 2.

One throwable type IV life preserver. 3.

Approved style, in date, visual distress signals (flares) outside the USCG designated COLREGS (San Francisco Bay out to “Mile Rock”). 4.

Three size B-1 fire extinguishers, one B-II = two BC-1, and four if length of vessel exceeds forty feet overall. 5.

Mounted placards displayed aboard “Dumping of Garbage Prohibited” and Discharge of Oil Prohibited”.

All of the above requirements were met during the time of the survey.


SAFETY REQUIREMENTS AND ABYC RECOMMENDATIONS These findings affect overall safety of the vessel and passengers and should be addressed as soon as possible. 1.

Engine bilge diaper with oil, remove and inspect oil leak. 2.

Forward engine bay bulkhead with crack, reinforce. 3.

Bronze packing nuts with salt crystals, clean. 4.

Engine intake hose is cracked, renew. 5.

Floating wires at panel, insulate properly and secure. 6.

Fuel: Fuel petcock shut off valve with duct tape on clamp; diesel is getting into fuel gauges atop tank, this will cause plastic to deteriorate and contaminate tank, address this now to prevent fuel issues later. 7.

Sail track is warped where sighted at deck, will need to be serviced. 8.

Corrosion - clean off corrosion on affected structures, investigate extent, and renew or treat with appropriate corrosion inhibitors where noted below; the following structures with varying levels of corrosion & replace fasteners clamps with corrosion - a.

Shaft, coupler 9.

ABYC recommends that all fire extinguishers be serviced annually by a qualified fire technician 10.

This surveyor recommends one CO detector mounted in any and all sleeping areas below deck & ensure they are TURNED ON during use of vessel - Vessels uses carbon-based fuels (gasoline) for propulsion.

During the burning of these fuels, Carbon Monoxide (CO) gas may be created due to incomplete combustion.

Adequate ventilation must be provided at all times while in proximity to ANY vessel burning any these fuels as CO from external sources may also be drawn into the cabin through ventilation systems.

CO is a silent menace and it kills without warning; therefore, this surveyor recommends installation in any occupied spaces below decks a CO alarm (Xintex model CMD-3M, MARINE Technologists model 60-542 or equivalent) that meets UL Standard # 2034.


OTHER FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS These are mostly related to overall maintenance issues and should be addressed in the near future to maintain vessel value and function. 1.

Sail cover is short and not completely covering sail, Mylar is an expensive material that will quickly deteriorate in the sun. 2.

Keep ship's maintenance log updated.

SUMMARY AND VALUATION SUMMARY This vessel was found to be in overall high-average condition for her age.

She is structurally sound with most systems operational and in good order.

Various maintenance items to be address as listed above.

VESSEL RATING OF CONDITION It is the surveyor's experience that develops an opinion as to a vessel's OVERALL VESSEL RATING OF CONDITION immediately after a complete survey has been performed and the findings organized in a logical manner.

The grading of condition, as developed by BUC RESEARCH, and accepted in the marine industry, for a vessel at the time of survey, determines the adjustment to the range of base values in the BUC USED BOAT PRICE GUIDE, for a similar vessel sold within a given time period, as a consideration to determine the Market Value.

The following is the accepted marine grading system of condition: 'EXCELLENT' (BRISTOL) CONDITION' - is a vessel that is maintained in mint or bristol fashion - usually better than factory new, loaded with extras - a rarity. 'ABOVE AVERAGE CONDITION'- has had above average care and is equipped with extra electrical and electronic gear. 'AVERAGE CONDITION' - ready for sale requiring no additional work and normally equipped for her size. 'FAIR CONDITION' - requires usual maintenance to prepare for sale. 'POOR CONDITION' - substantial yard work required and devoid of extras.

VALUATION As a result of this investigation, as stated in the SYSTEMS AND FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS section of this report: OVERALL VESSEL RATING - (HIGH) AVERAGE CONDITION'.

FAIR MARKET VALUE - $ 16,400.00 ESTIMATED REPLACEMENT VALUE - $ 180,000.00 The fair market value is the most probable price in terms of money which a vessel should bring in a competitive and open market under all conditions requisite to a fair sale.

Taking into account the condition rating, an average was reached after researching prices.

The estimated replacement cost indicates the retail cost of a new vessel of the same make/model with similar equipment offered by the same manufacturer or a similar one if the company is no longer in business.

I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, the statements of fact contained in this report are true and correct.

This report is submitted without prejudice and for the benefit of whom it may concern.


Basic Information
Length:30' 11"
City:San Francisco Treasure Island
More Details
Engine:Volvo Penta
Engine Count:1
Engine Hours:
Hull Material:wood
Beam:9' 3"
Draft:6' 3"
Condition:very good

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