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1958 Chris Craft Sea Skiff

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Contact Name: Jeff
Phone: 712-229-0285
30’ 1958 Chris Craft Sea Skiff 10’ 6” Beam – No Trailer Acquired 5 years ago in Marquette, Michigan, our 30’ Chris Craft Sea Skiff cruised the big waters of Lake Superior her entire life before our acquisition and subsequent use on Lake Monroe here in Indiana.

The Dr. and family we purchased it from used it on weekends and outings for many years.

The history before that is unknown but my guess is that it was used as a commercial fishing or gear boat.

The Sea Skiff model s are open and very easily adaptable to many needs, whether pleasure or commercial.

The previous owners have kept the crud out of the bilge area and between the interior ribs and lapstrakes.

This is evidenced by the great condition of the ribs, which are known to crack at the bend point towards the keel.

Our Sea Skiff shows no signs of deterioration at this point and the keel and stringers are sound.

She is powered by the original Chris Craft “K” 6 cylinder flat head gas engines and they both run beautifully.

When purchased, I had them checked out thoroughly, had the carburetors rebuilt, added fuel filters as well as new ignition parts.

They started up nicely and still do.

The water pumps run effectively and keep the engine at 140 degrees consistently.

I have a spare water pump as well and various ignition parts for emergencies.

The fuel tanks are clean and have had fresh fuel in them consistently with no issues.

The transmissions are very smooth and enable easy maneuvering in and out of the slip.

Cruising speed is 2700 RPM’s at about 22 -30 knots.

She takes waves up to 12 ft I am told.

Any splash over the deck is discharged by the scuppers in the aft deck area.

The 4 to 5 ft waves on Lake Monroe are barely noticeable.

Restoration – When we acquired her, she had multiple layers of bottom paint and side paint.

This was a good thing, as this had preserved the wood on both areas.

This was also bad because I had to remove all this paint while stripping down to bare wood.

Three years ago, I began the tedious effort of removing all that paint from the deck down.

Once completed, I was amazed at the condition of the bottom, keel transom and sides.

I was expecting to find some replacement areas but there were none.

After sanding, and filling some minor nicks, using Smith Fill-It system, and re-fastening some screws, she was ready to start the finishing.

After sanding and filling, Smith Seeping Epoxy (CPES) was applied on both sides and bottom, then a second application.

This system is perfect for wood, as it seals all micro and small cracks and stress points.

From here, Interprotect 2000 Epoxy Primer System was applied in two coats.

The bottom then was finished with three coats of Pettit Anti-Foul Bronze paint.

The lapstrake sides were then painted with high quality high gloss marine paint.

The transom was taken down to the bare mahogany, re-stained with Chris Craft Interlux Stains, then finished with 6 coats of Epifanes High Gloss UV Varnish.

The name No More Cloudy Days was applied using vinyl letters professional applied by Signs Now.

The boat was very well maintained by the Dr. we purchased it from up in Marquette and one of the items he had done, was to have the entire deck area fiber-glassed.

This is the only non-original area of the boat which could be removed if desired to maintain originality if desired, as he said the deck was in good condition when done.

The application was very nice done by a top notch shop in Marquette and it functions quite nicely.

I sanded down the deck and applied a fresh coat of Bikini Blue to the decks, stripped all the mahogany hatches and doors, re-stained and varnished as well. 80% of the Chrome has been re-plated.

The helm has not been touched yet.

The gauges all function great and were upgraded as well.

I have all the old gauges if restoration of those is desired by new owner.

There is a compass but not applied currently as we do not need that on Lake Monroe.

The Ship to Shore radio works great and the boat has been Coast Guard inspected with appropriate items on board.

The lights all function great.

I have added some electrical items as well.

We just finished installing marine grade wiring of shore power, an outlet in the engine compartment for a battery charger, two outlets in the rear deck and an outlet in the v-berth.

The bilge pumps run effectively and infrequently.

Stereo speakers and small halogen lights are present mid-deck.

Last year, a new bimini/camper cover was made of high grade Sumbrella product professionally installed and made by Smitty’s Indianapolis Marine.

It has all new supports and snaps and it is great for sleep-overs.

We simply put up as many sides as needed, then inflate our blow up mattress and sleep like a baby with a fan going….

Very comfortable.

We just spent the entire 4th of July weekend on her and had a very nice time as well as many other nights.

As far as the interior goes, I have sanded all the ribs and sides and re-applied stain.

The interior transom area has not been done yet and the floor is still original vinyl.

The floor was the last item I was going to do for obvious reasons, so as to not get stain, varnish, etc. on it.

That is something the new owner will have to do if desired.

Right now we have three large rugs on the decks and they function nicely and look good.

We have a new Porta-Potty in the V-Birth and some storage niceties as well.

The White Wicker furniture remains with the boat.

I have pictures throughout the entire restoration process and can email them to serious folks if needed but the best way to see the boat is in person.

She is located at Lakeview Storage in Bloomington, IN.

There are not many Sea Skiffs out there in this good of shape.

As we cruised through Allen’s Creek over the weekend and all around Lake Monroe, we got thumbs up continuously.

Folks on the docks are amazed at how good she looks.

The only reason we are selling her is that I have too many boats and not enough time to use them all.

Some good things have to go.

I also have a couple of Higgins Classic Wood Boats, so I think you get the picture of having too many boats… Priced to sell at only $17,900 You will enjoy her.

Call Jeff at 712-229-0285 or email at

Basic Information
Type:Classic Power
More Details
Engine:Chris Craft
Engine Count:Twin
Engine Hours:
Hull Material:Wood
Beam:10' 6"
Draft:not given
Condition:Very Good

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